Pricing Guide


For businesses that want to try out Meldbot for an unlimited time period

Free Includes

Enough to get started:

  • Connect a single account of any of the apps currently integrated with Meldbot
  • You get a constantly updating spreadsheet with all the data fetched from your connected app
  • Make any modifications you'd like on the spreadsheet, everything is auto-saved forever
  • Send back changes you made on the sheet to the connected app to keep your team members in sync
  • Get tips on how to fill up new spreadsheet rows, to get things done quickly, with minimum errors


per month, for a single Meldbot account, billed monthly

Standard Includes

Everything in free, and:

  • Up to 3 connected accounts from any of the apps currently integrated with Meldbot
  • Copy and paste rows of data between sheets from different apps to keeps all your business in sync at all times
  • Manage teams (coming soon), by inviting your team members to sign up for their Meldbot account, at a $2 per month, per user, basis
  • Each user gets their own 3 integrations to connect to their Meldbot account


per month, for a single Meldbot account, billed monthly

Plus Includes

Everything in standard, and:

  • Unlimited integrations, both for different apps and for different accounts of the same apps
  • A customer success reprepsentative will be in touch, to help you with choosing apps for your business and automating processes
  • Phone support when you need it, highly available

Melding Data For A Better Future

Meldbot offers special pricing for non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and businesses doing good in the world.

We'd like to help organizations like these reach their goals in any way we can. We believe that the Meldbot platform is one way of doing exactly that, by relieving some of the workload involved in running an online presence, and leaving more time for what really matters in your work.

Use the form below to contact a Meldbot representative and inquire about special pricing for your organization. We'd love to be of service!

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